Is it a Fake if Raybans are Made in China?

There is this whole thing going around on the Internet that Raybans are only made in Italy, but that is not the case, they don't know what they are talking about, but insist on telling people the wrong information, so today I would like to straighten out this Myth.

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Luxottica is the manufacturer for Ray-Ban and they have factories both in Italy and China, pretty much all the sunglasses are made in Italy, but certain few are either made in both or only in China, like the models RB 3293, RB 3211, RB 3386, RB 3387, RB 8301, RB 3507 and RB 3379, so if you happen to get one of these models and it's made in China, don't worry, it's real.

Also the Ray-Ban RX frames are all made in China, some of the metal frames are made in Italy, but 99.9% of them are all made in Luxottica's 2 factories in China.

But yes, it could be a fake if it's made in China, there are lot's of replica fakes out there and people claiming it to be authentic, the only best way to insure you have a authentic Rayban is to go to a Ray-Ban retailer and compare the ones you have to the ones in the Store, as I haven't seen any fakes that are any good, so you'll be able to tell them apart clearly.
Also some of you might be asking why isn't it made in USA? Because that was only when Bausch & Lomb used to own Ray-Ban, but the brand was sold to Luxottica back in 1999. So if you have a made in USA Ray-Ban made by Bausch and Lomb, you got yourself a vintage classic.

So I hope this clarifies the Myth that Raybans are not only made in Italy, but also in China.
Here is a helpful list of the sunglasses that are actually made in China
RB 3293, RB 3211, RB 3507, RB 8301, RB 3386, RB 3387, RB 3479

Help others by commenting below with any other models which are not listed above or if you are uncertain about the authenticity of your model, comment below.

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  1. very interesting guide

  2. Respect. I got some Rx RB 5184's straight from lenscrafters and they're made in china. No big deal

  3. Got mine at Sunglass hut at Ohare Airport. The frame says "made in China". I don't like the fact, honestly, but .... I know they are real.

  4. I love Ray Ban but I don't like the sunglass that 'made in China' . For example, you bought a LV bag but inside the bag it 'made in china', so you want to buy this bag ?

  5. So...some are Made in China? Interesting...guess I have to make sure mine say "MADE IN ITALY"

  6. I don't care what anybody says. It is not the same quality as Italy. It is like comparing China and Japan for their products. No comparison sorry. Ray Ban's are orginally Made in Italy and the bootleg in Made in China.

  7. China is the strongest, coolest, most ballinass place and they make bomb items and stuff. Nobody else compares.

  8. Not all RayBans are made in Italy. RayBans actually were originally made in the US for The Marines then Bauch & Lomb sold it to the Italian company Luxotica for $640M..

    The legs have the Ray-Ban and or without the Bauch & Lomb signature as well. Not all Ray-Bans have style numbers inside of them, older pair do not have the style number such as Wayfarer II.

  9. I only recently came across these kinds of articles on the Ray-Bans... checked my own ones. They all read "Made in Italy". Phew, awesome. :)

  10. My Rayban #rb2140 that say "Made in Italy" just got shipped to me from China with a price on the outside packing slip that says gift value $19.00? What do you think of that???

  11. Hi, I bought a pair of ray ban sunglasses rb 3449 001/13. Does anybody know if these shades are made in Italy or China? They don't read Made in Italy on the frame, actually they read only :"Ray ban T CE" . It reads on the grey paper box Made in China. But I checked the same sunglasses in a ray ban retail store and they have the same sunglasses that read Made in Italy. So I'm confused. Please help!!!

  12. haha this is so funny I thought I was the only one wondering about this but find lots of forums with the same question... Anyways I purchased 2 sunglasses from dreamshades.com and got them yesterday; Gucci and Rayban. The gucci say made in Italy however my Rayban say made in china and I remember my Dad owned a pair like mine but the lens was glass, my Rayban feels like the sunglasses u find at a gas station for $5.00. 'RB4151f 622/71' is what I bought, I'll take it to a retail store just to make sure they're real but I agree with the above comments in terms of made in italy, It just sounds better.

  13. To Ralph, the RB 3449's are only made in Italy, never in China, so it must be a fake.

  14. I ordered a pair of clubmasters 3016 and they say made in china- any idea if this frame is made in china? Or would this indicate a fake?

  15. hey some one know if the rb 5245 5077 are made in italy or china i thisnk these are from the rx frame famiy but just to make sure if some one know..

  16. Howzit peeps,I want to purchase a pair of raybans glasses but not sure which website to order from and if they sell originals or fakes...I'm looking to buy the rb 2140,can you let me know of any suggestions please...

  17. i got mine from fashioneyewear.co.uk but there are loads of online sites who sell genuine ray bans, just read reviews on the company before you get em.

  18. This is to answer a few questions people had, the rb 3016 is only made in Italy, the rb 5245 is made in China, haven't Seen them made in Italy And to the last person, the rb 2140 are all made in italy now, if it says anything other than that, it would be a fake.

  19. How about these ones...
    Has the etching, marks on the nose pieces, plastic wrapped polishing cloth, normal seeming model number but no lens sticker and says 'made in China'. I have owned two pairs of legit store bought top bars previously (both said 'Made in Italy') and I'm still not sure...

  20. I just got the RB 3016 and the seller swore they made in china as well. However, it does not have the (almost invisible) rb logo inscription on the left lens

  21. What about this? can you help me?


  22. Dear Friends! the 90% of all sunglasses OF THE WORLD and eyeglasses are made in china it doesn't matter if they say made in italy or whatever!

    1. Nicely put, at the end of the day, it's still put together by human beings. Or is it? Aliens? LOL

  23. Anyone has brought at www.iloverayban.com
    What about these sunglasses?



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