How to Spot Fake Ray-Bans

There are several things you can do to ensure your Ray-ban sunglasses are authentic and not a fake. Hear it from an Expert and not just writing it for the fun of it.

Ray-Bans are only made in Italy. Right?

1. I think the first thing we should clear up is that not all Ray-bans are made in Italy. What a shocker right? I think it's been put in peoples head that they are, but the fact is they are not, Luxottica is the manufacturer for Ray-bans and they have factories both in China and Italy, In Italy, they have 6 factories and 2 factories in China, most of the Ray-bans are made in Italy, but a few models are made in both countries or just in China, as it seems if the Italian factory is overwhelmed, they have the Chinese factories help.

Here is Luxottica's site that proves they have factories in China Click Here
Check out a New York Times Article that proves this An Italian Rivalry of Expertise in Glass

Some models such as the RB 3293, RB 3211, RB 3267, RB 3386, RB 3387, RB 3183, RB 3379, RB 3466, RB 8301, RB 3016, RB 3362 and so on are manufactured in both Italy and China. It really is a 50/50 chance what you'll get, but there are no difference, just one is made by the Chinese and the other Italian. But for a few of the models, you'll need luck finding ones made in Italy as some are mainly made in China.

Example - This is a picture of a authentic RB 3293
But when I took it to a store, they told me it was a fake.

2. Of course, if you aren't sure, you may take them to a Ray-ban retailer to check if they are authentic and not a fake, but should you trust their word?

It's a definite NO, why would you ask? because they either have no clue or they are trying to get you to buy the one in their store. Like Nordstrom, I decided to take my authentic RB 3344 to see what they thought, they looked at it for a bit, and decided to tell me "it's a high quality fake", it's exactly the same as the one in their store, nothing that was unusual, in a fake, you would be able to tell at least one thing that was off, but it being authentic, they were nothing and the only answer they wanted to give me was that they were high quality fakes, but obviously they are only telling me that because they get paid commission if they sell a frame, I don't think it's the right thing to do, but they do that to make a sell.

So unfortunately you cannot trust retailers to tell you the right answer.

If you do decide to ask a retailers opinion, go to atleast 3-4 places, trust me you'll get different answers. But at the end of the day, be smart and make up your own mind and not take everything they say as truth.

3. Your Ray-ban case should have a round golden seal on it, either printed or engraved onto the case. It should read  "100% UV Protection - Rayban - Sunglasses By Luxottica"

4. The lenses should have an etching that reads "RB", sometimes this is located on the inside or the outside of the lenses, sometimes on the right or left lens. Lot's of fakes do not have this and is a very easy way to tell if they are fakes.

But not all of them have the RB etched on the lens, the ones that don't are shields (one piece lens) such as the RB 3211, RB 3321, RB 3268 and so on, not sure why to be honest, but the only ones that have the RB etched on the lens is the ones that have pair of lenses and not a shield.

Visit www.EyeHeartShades.com for authentic Ray-Bans

5. What should you get with your Rayban? It should come with a Rayban Box, Rayban cloth, Rayban case and a Rayban info booklet.

6. Where is the Authenticity Card? I've seen quite a few guides on spotting a fake Ray-ban and I've read they come with an authenticity card, don't listen to them, as Ray-bans has never come with any sought of authenticity card and it does not exist, so don't expect one! The closest thing would be the Black info booklet, but just shows you how to care for your shades.

7. Where is the Warranty Card? It's the same thing as the authenticity card, Ray-ban has never provided any sought of Warranty Card. If you have an issue with warranty, all you do is contact Ray-ban and if it's an authentic Ray-ban, they won't care that you have a warranty card, if you do have a warranty issue, you can find out what to do by clicking here.

All Ray-Bans have this.

8. If your sunglasses has nose pads, check them and in the middle, the metal piece should have an "RB" engraved on them, all Ray-ban nose pads have this, if it does not, you have yourself a fake Ray-ban.

Of course, if it's like a plastic frame such as the RB 2132 Wayfarers, which does not have nose pads, there would be nothing.

9. One thing I have noticed is that the cloth is always in a plastic sleeve, sometimes it has the booklet in the sleeve aswell, but every single time, the cloth is in a plastic sleeve, so if it isn't, you really should question the authenticity. Unless you bought them used of course, then this might not be the case, but if it's brand new, check that the cloth is in it's plastic sleeve.

10. If it's too good to be true, it sure is! If you see like a Ray-ban RB 3293 selling for $15 on ebay and it retails for $129.99, just be smart and realize this just doesn't add up. Most Ray-bans frames online are selling for a little over half the price of the retail price, so you may find an RB 3293 for around $85 online, so I always suggest checking the retail price first, and if it's lower than half the retail cost, it's a chance it's a fake.
Hopefully this guide was helpful to you, if so I'd appreciate comments.
Keep rockin those shades!

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  1. Very useful guide, thought mine was a fake because it was made in china, but I know, so thank you

  2. great helpful guide! this guy knows his stuff!

  3. have a look here... on the back what you said above - they look like originals... imho 100% FAKE:-) :




    any comments?

  4. You have written "Rayban does not provide a Authenticity Card with their products", which is true, apart from rare print wayfarers.

    I have limited edition "New York Street Map" wayfarers which I bought from an official dealer, and they came with an autheniticity card. It says "Congratulations on owning an authentic part of the storied Ray-Ban brand. Rare Prints Special Series: the unique pattern you now hold in your hands is an exclusive and limited piece of lasting heritage"

  5. i think if you try rubbing off the rayban logo with your nail it shouldnt come off , so if it comes off is a fake, another thingrayban has pretty much the logo all over , even in the snapper to the lid in the case . if it doesnt , its a fake

  6. mine say... "B&L RAY-BAN U.S.A" on the arm. whats that about then??

    1. You have an older model from when Ray bans were made by Bausch and Lomb

  7. i have purchased a ray ban with four lens comes on it and when i saw it the four extra lens has no ray ban or rb logo on it. is it fake or not

  8. "mine say... "B&L RAY-BAN U.S.A" on the arm. whats that about then??"

    Bauche and Lomb used to make them before Luxottica.

  9. My rayban 3293 is lighter than 3026, is it fake?

  10. Also, just to note - sunglasses are manufactured for pennies, a dollar at most. Yes, even the most expensive ones. So selling them for anything over $10 is going to make them a profit.

  11. i just got a pair of the RB 2027 predators and i got them for a gooD price..the serial number is correct and such, the only thing im concerned about is the barcode on the box, on one of the lenses its has Ray-Ban P etched, and on one of the ear pieces it has Made in italy with a K next to it? are these fake or real?

  12. Great guide thanks!

  13. This guy is correct, I have a rayban that's made in china and it is true some are made in china and italy.

  14. So i was gonna buy some RB-3379 today but they said MADE IN CHINA so i turned them down...mistake?

  15. Where were you buying them from? Online or at a retail store?

    RB 3379 is made both in Italy and China, majority lately have been China, so it might have been a mistake.

  16. My Rayban rb 3379 are made in china and I bought them from a authorized rayban dealer, so I would say it's ok.

  17. Hi, i just bought a pair of Ray Ban 3025 and i just wanted to check, on the inside of the leather pouch, the pop button reads "Yik Fung" Should there be a Ray ban sign there?

    Thank you

    1. My case says the same thing
      I couldnt tell other wise if their fake or not?
      Have you found out?

    2. Yik Fung seems to be a manufacturer of fake goods. So it would be a fake that you both have, sorry to break the news :)

      It seems they make a bunch of different fake items. But them putting that, I guess they aren't selling them as real, but just makes copies and whoever you bought them from either didn't know or you got scammed into buying copies.

  18. Hello, my Ray Ban 3449 004/9A on the right side of the frame says Made in China, will be real? ................ I was checking all data and give them real. My question is with this model, there is little information. If anyone can help me it would be well pleased.

  19. check this link and comment


  20. Great guide, however I have one question, I have just purchased a pair of RB3293s 004/9A, everything checks out as authentic however they have no markings on them anywhere to say where they were made... Can anyone shed any light on this?

  21. Older style Ray Bans with lenses made by Bausch & Lomb have a tiny BL monogram etched into the top outside corners of each lens.

  22. My RB3326 don't have any markings of where they were made either, they were
    Bought from a Official Rayban Retailer, are they fakes???

  23. The RB 3293's are made both in Italy and China, but it is odd that it does not have where it is made, because they always do, not saying they are fake, but possibility they removed it because it said made in china or something like that as it should state on that particular model where they are made.

  24. I purchased rb3362 from a proper optic shop in my country, so I didn't examine them too closely when I picked them up (note: the shop asked the importer to order this model for me from the manufacturer and it took 5 wks to arrive).
    On the right arm it says RB3362 Cockpit 001/51 56[]14 N2
    On the left arm it just says Ray Ban T CE, without mentioning where it's manufactured.
    Under the lower nose bridge is engraves 56[]14
    The right lens white Ray Ban logo seems identical to my other 2 ray bans in font, colour and location and the ear rests are bent at the edge and also seem identical to another pair I own.
    The RB logo on the nose pads reads from top to bottom, so the B is facing down, the font seems somewhat off and the metal plate it's on, seems quite thin and with a dull colour.

    The etching on the glass isn't inline with the hinge and is a bit lower. It's also in a different angle, as if somewhat rotated to the side, the font doesn't seem right, possibly slightly bigger. On my other 2 pairs, the etching seems different and is identical in both pairs.
    There seems to be a tiny gap between the corner edge of the left lens and the frame (although might also be some kind of colour smear in the lens' edge, a bit difficult to tell).
    is either

    The case seems authentic, shiny gold logo and without unnecessary stitches, etc., but a few of the letters are unclear, like smeared and thus connected to each other, making them difficult to read.
    I also found odd that since the importer had ordered them especially for me and they at no point were on display, how come there was no sticker on the lens and no cleaning cloth or booklet provided?

    Sorry for how long this post turned out to be, I was going through so many websites and videos to get a definitive answer, but without much luck.
    Some of the features in my glasses really seem genuine, which is what makes it so confusing.. :(

    Thank you in advance and I wish you a happy new year! :)

    1. Unless I have the frames right in front of me, won't be able to say 100% certain.

      But the thing with it not mentioning where it's made is very odd, as every single Ray-Ban will say where they are made, even if it's China and the RB 3362 is made in China and it should say that on the frame. Sometimes the writing on the inside can get worn away, but with use, but being new, that isn't a reason.

      So because of this, I would have to say it's a fake, as it should have either Made in China or Italy written on the inside, this info is never missing.

    2. I have my clubmasters bought yesterday, and everything that needs to be checked seems to be legit. The thing that bothers me is the one written on the right temple. (Ray ban T CE). It does not say made in italy or made in china. Super nakakabother talaga. It really bothers me.

    3. I have a club master that also only states "Ray Ban T ______ CE" on the left arm. Everything else seems legit but it doesn't state where it's made. I bought it from a Duty Free store tho.

    4. I have a same problem. Do you have any clue??? I paied 170 dollars for my sunglasses. Please help me out here...
      Is it possible and any chance to have no metioning of where it is made?
      I purchased from the website(octtica.com). The order was recieved in Italy when I checked the Fedex internationl express delivery, so I did not really check closely.
      If you do not mind, would you please check the website???

    5. Me too guys, I have the same Rayban t ce with no made..
      But I think it's original..
      Any advice

  25. This was so helpful! I was sent a legit pair of Ray-Bans (RB 3483) just today, but it if wasn't for you, I wouldn't have any peace of mind about my purchase.

  26. I have a pair of vintage B&L Rayban caravan, all the markings are intact, except the marking on the top of the nose bridge which is "RAYBAN TM B&L U.S.A" instead of "B&L RAYBAN U.S.A", please give your comments if these sunglasses are original. Thank You

  27. "RAY-BAN T CE POLARİZED" what does it mean?

  28. DOES rayban have a model "xyq 8553" ? i need reply please

  29. what about the sunglases at www.iloverayban.com

    1. That website is not related to us by the way and if you check them out now, they have been shut down for selling counterfeit items.

  30. Hi, does all RB laser etching lies next to the hinges? or they have some made with etching below the hinges? thanks

  31. Hi, could you please tell me if there are any fake Ray Bans with ''made in Italy'' written on them? In other words, is the ''made in Italy'' sign a guarantee that they're real?

    1. Wish it were that easy, but there are still fakes that say Made in Italy, so that is not any kind of a guarantee of a real Ray-Ban.

      The really best way is to go down to your local Ray-Ban dealer and compare the ones with the ones you have, as with any fakes, there is always something that isn't right, it could always be a simple thing such as a box, the originals could be matte and then the fakes could be shiny. So sometimes the little details are crucial.

  32. Hi, I'm from Pakistan and we unfortunately no rayban store in Pakistan and we have 90% of the branded items which are fake or refurbished and are sold as originals or pin packed . I just bout a rayban club master square ORB 4190 601 52 3N 145 A from the only one huge market of my city where they seem like having all national brands and claim to have few international too, and I bought it from a pharmacy there and asked them to write "if it's not original it will be returned" on cash memo, so they did. but there are few things which are bothering me
    1) It's nose pad seems to be made of plastic and not rubber because they feel stiff and not rubbery sort.
    2) There is no serial number on the bridge.
    3) One arm clamp is a little stiff and has clutch sounds when one and fold.
    4) I noticed inside of the arm where it is joined does not have much refined plastic cutting.
    5) The shop keeper showed me the fake ones too and they looked exactly the same in every way along with complete packaging including booklet cloth and case in a box. So I am even more confused.
    6) The lenses are of plastic and not glass.

    Kindly if somebody has that original pair of glasses do share the info or link to the zoom pictures.

  33. Hi!! It's a good job that you are maintaining a precious website like this for Ray Ban fans!! I would like to know if RB3470E is an authentic pair of Ray Ban as I couldn't find this model anywhere in the Ray Ban website. I would really like to get your advise.

    1. It does seem to be an authentic Ray-Ban, it seems that it's a European model, so it never came over to the US.

  34. Hi
    Just got my new RB 2132 New Wayfarer, they look authentic, but the RB etching is inside the lens, but on my old RB 2132 is outside.
    Do I have to worry about they are fake?

  35. Thanks for all the info! Very helpful!

  36. i have a pair of rb3211 black lens but I'm not sure about them...the rm nose sign is correct , the lens don't have the rb scratched on...and the cleaning tissue wasn't silver bu t black as far as i remember. an optician told they are original by checking the lens on a special light?!- your help?

  37. Hello! The ray ban wording on the right lense of my ray ban clubmaster was peeled off, I concerned it already with my seller and she said its 100% authentic and maybe it's the manufacturer's fault which I really doubt. Authentuc ray bans logo wording are not easily removed right? Hope you could help me with this. Thanks



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